Touchscreen kiosks & indoor digital signage

Below you will learn more about our wide range of touchscreen kiosks and digital signage, and the benefits and possibilities with our products.


Our selection of designs

All our indoor digital signage and touchscreen kiosks are designed for various user purposes. It ranges from freestanding, wall-mounted to wheelchair friendly designs. As one of the innovators, we understand the importance for a selection options. On each touchscreen kiosk and indoor digital signage product page, you can see the customization options of printers, scanners and many more peripherals. If you have a peripheral that is not listed on a products page, we urge you to contact us, as we are specialized in developing new solutions or adapt a product to your requirements. Choose one of the products below and go directly to the respective product page to learn more about the selected product.

What is a touchscreen kiosk?

Since our beginning in 2003, we have experienced many different use cases for our products. From using the touchscreen kiosks as a point-of-information kiosk to a full self-service payment kiosk with the ability to print cinema tickets. Our focus has always been to deliver a touchscreen kiosk, which is easy for the user to interact with, but at the same time we develop our products to be easily maintained and serviced. The result is very high satisfaction from both the user and staff members that changes the printer’s paperroll, to the technician maintaining the unit on-site

Our most popular indoor touchscreen kiosk...


The FLEXI Tilt is not just the unit we have delivered the most of, but was also our very first designed touchscreen kiosk. The design have been revamped since the beginning, and is often known for being sleekly designed while capable of several integration options. 

What is indoor digital signage?

Conceptkiosks’ indoor digital signage is an enclosure with the ability to house a 32″ or higher inch monitor. Whether the design is a totem, table or wall mounted unit, we consider them all part of indoor digital signage. Through the many projects we have been part of, we have seen solutions from installing a large display to supplying a full payment solution in these units. As with every other of our products, we are great at customizing and developing units, so if you have a customized requirement, we urge you to contact us.

Our most popular indoor digital signage...


The DURA Mega is a great all around indoor digital signage totem, with many different use cases. It is often used to show advertisements or as a point-of-information. It is both available as non-interactive and interactive by installing a touch foil on the inside of the protection glass.

Our approach to your next project

1. step - Understanding the solution you need

Our professional sales team, is always ready to assist you. We have many years of experience, with understanding the requirements for kiosk and digital signage solutions in both indoor and outdoor environments. Our team will get an understanding of your project, and share relevant data from past experiences to find a starting point for your project. So reach out to us, so we can start a dialogue about your next project.

2. step - Quotation & order confirmation

With a complete overview of your project, we can create a non binding quotation. We have experience with projects of creating a proof-of-concept to supplying hundreds of kiosks and digital signage in one project. Our prices are always competitive, as we control the whole supply-chain. We have a CNC, laser, electronic press brake and the skills needed to design and operate the machines effectively, giving you the best quality at a competitive price level.

3. step - Development

You have direct contact with our founder and senior designer, Lars Rosendahl. With Lars, you will get a smooth project and access to over 40 years of experience with design and aluminum profile constructions. During development, we are able to create photorealistic 3D renderings of your concepts. Do your end-customer want to see a life like example before ordering? Let us get started, so we can render your solution.

4. step - Production

We will keep close contact during the production of your project. After the finished design, the average production time is 4 weeks of a complete project. Our skilled production staff will start preparing the parts, by using machines with the latest technologies. We will in a timely manner inform about the expected completion time, so it is possible to arrange an on-site visit. We gladly do the cabling work and have years of experience, but we also have customers, joining us in Denmark and does the final steps at our facilities.

5. step - Delivery & support

We can deliver anywhere in the world. We can deliver a project all at once, in batches or even store some of your units and deliver as a just-in-time concept.

6. step - Aftersales & support

We support all our partners to ensure reliable operation of your kiosk or digital signage solutions. One of our core values, is to deliver a functional product every single time. We are always here to assist and solve your issues.

Wheelchair friendly kiosk

FLEXI Adjust

The FLEXI Adjust is developed with a lot of different users in mind. The height can be adjusted, so the screen is available for almost anyone. A lot of the projects with the FLEXI Adjust is in public areas, to ensure a great user experience whether you’re above 2 meters tall or are wheelchair user.

How it's made

Made of aluminum

All of our kiosks are made of aluminum profiles with an anodized or powder painted finish. The image illustrates one of the many different anodizing finishes that we offer as an option. Our indoor units as standard is always anodized in a natural aluminum color as seen on all our indoor product images. One of the many reasons of designing the kiosks from our profiles, is to have flexible solutions with great strength. Almost every single design is based on our aluminum profiles, but our strong capabilities in 3D-designing also sometimes demands steel solutions for highly customized designs.

Production facilities

All of our touchscreen kiosks and indoor digital signage is developed & manufactured in Denmark. Our facilities consists of a large building divided into an office, warehouse, production and processing. The raw materials are processed in our CNC and cutting machines in the processing hall, afterwards they are sent to subsupplier’s for surface treatment – anodizing or painting. Once the surface treatment is complete, the parts move into our production hall, where everything is assembled according to specifications. The sole reason our processing and production facilities are separated, is to secure a high quality of your product.

Customized solutions

Below you will find a selection of a few projects we have delivered. Customized units are many things. It can be the first time integrating a new printer to creating completely new designs. In a few projects we have designed the unit, based on a hand drawing (below: Hospital units) and in other projects we design based on specifications (below: DOKK1). The common denominator for all of the customized solutions we have ever created and built, is the close cooperation between us and you.

Some of our customized solutions...

Hospital units

The hospitals of Sweden & Norway renovated their receptions to support digitalization. One of the key requirements of their prestige project, was the design of their new touchscreen kiosks. A full payment kiosk that supports self-service for any user. It is designed for wheelchair users, to have the leg beneath the curvature under the monitor.

DOKK1 - public library

The second largest city of Denmark, Aarhus, launched a prestigeous project for their new public service area and library with meeting rooms for students and citizens of the city, while also including the youngest group – children, with interactive plays and outdoor playgrounds. The solution we developed for them, had a requirement for the depth of the unit, as they are all mounted on pillars.

Copenhagen Airport

CPH Airport wanted to make it user-friendly for the travellers to register their lost baggage. The software and hardware, helps the user easily register their information about themselves and their baggage. The biggest difference between this project and the other two, is that this solution was developed based on our FlexiTilt, while the other two required customized steel solutions.


Touchscreen kiosks

All of our kiosks from 19″ to 22″ are supplied with high quality projected capacitive touch monitors from General Touch. The touchscreen is user friendly and plug & play when you receive your new kiosks. The FlexiStand is an exception, which is built with a VESA 100×100 mounting plate to fit almost any monitor in the support sizes of 10″ to 27″.

Indoor digital signage

Depending on the application we have a few solutions for our digital signage range. For the non-touch units, used for advertising or displaying your information / content, we offer LG monitors. If the application requires touch, we have two options. To mount a touch foil on the glass of your DURA Mega or supply the DURA Slim as seen on the image to your left. The DURA Slim and DURA Table is built with an Elo projected capacitive touch monitor.


Below is a list of all our options for kiosks and digital signage. Be aware that this is a complete list of all our standard options and it may vary for each product. To find a product’s available options, visit the product page – it includes a list of options for the specific product. If you have a component or are curious about a different option, then do not hesitate to contact us.


Do you want to add a message, design or a different color to your kiosk or digital signage? We offer powder painting in all kinds of RAL-codes or adding a printed foil with your design.


We offer 80mm (receipt) and 216mm (A4) high quality printers from Custom with several options. We are also able to integrate label printers and from other brands.


We offer a wide range of scanners with different functions and sizes. We have integrated scanners from Newland, Honeywell, Zebra, and many more.

Card reader

Card readers are great for the user to identify themselves, whether they are guests of an event, a company employee or similar. We are also able to integrate a card printer.

Payment interface

Different countries, regions and laws require different installation procedures of self-service payment kiosks. We are able to accomodate the instructions of your local laws, to supply a fully legal payment kiosk.


Our 65 buttons keyboards with trackballs, are made of high quality components with a high IP-rating. It is available in almost every layout. Just contact us with the layout, options you require or questions.


We have made several different integrations of speakers, and the solution is always tailored to your application.


Often for the touchscreen kiosks and indoor digital signage we supply a logitech webcam, but have also integrated DSLR cameras for employee or student self-service photos.


If you require your computer to receive a WiFi-signal we recommend an antenna, as the aluminum can reduce the signal of WiFi receivers installed in the kiosk.


Do you need a switch to power several periphals, such as payment devices, printers or similar? Then we have some standard switches we can supply, which we have already made brackets for.

Our most wall mounted indoor digital signage...

DURA Mega Wall

The DURA Mega Wall is a sleek and elegant wall mounted indoor digital signage unit. It is available in the sizes of 32″-65″. It is a great signage unit to display your content, whether it is static or interactive. If it is interactive, this unit can easily be fitted with a touch foil, making it an ideal unit for point-of-informations where space is limited.

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