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Company story

We have more than 25 years of experience with development and production of interactive kiosks and digital signage for advertising, information, wayfinding and much more worldwide.

Rosendahl Conceptkiosk is built on the core values of Danish craftsmanship. From development to production, everything is done in high quality with creativity and a forward-thinking perspective.

Conceptkiosk’s digital solutions appear both timeless and sleek, both for indoor and outdoor usage. The information solutions have a user-friendly approach to service. We have an ongoing development so we can fulfill the requirements that modern society with needs for information demands about a high quality, functionality, service, and design. We gladly help our customers through the whole project from beginning to the end.

We are prepared for coming challenges that the future will bring. Also, we are looking forward to using our know-how and providing the best service and creating the best solutions for our customers and partners.

Our expertise

Building interactive kiosks and digital signage takes craftsmanship. We are experts with more than 25 years of experience in working with aluminum and aluminum profiles. Furthermore we excel at building custom solutions with integrations to our customers.

Experience & Counselling

We dare to call ourselves experts in the kiosk and digital signage business. This experience and thorough understanding of the market needs allows us to ship more than 600 units a year. 

The kiosk and digital signage business is like any other market in constant development. Some needs change over time, and entirely new ones arise. We always strive to understand the latest trends, as well as maintaining and developing solutions that we know are working well.  

3d drawing & development

We have an inhouse 3D Designer for developing new kiosk and digital signage solutions, adjusting present models, and for development in custom solutions. Having a 3D Designer makes it possible for us to keep our products in continuous evolution.

Our philosophy is that an idea can always undergo further development. A product can always become even better. Also, we must think in new lanes all the time to keep up with the end-users needs.

Aluminum & Profiles

We build our products in aluminum and aluminum profiles for a lot of different reasons. Building in profiles allows us to customize down to the slightest detail.

We also like the finish of the natural surface of aluminum much better than steel. Steel often needs surface treatment as well as painting to acquire an exclusive look comparable to the aluminum finish.

Aluminum is a very flexible yet robust type of metal. It can withstand harsh conditions as well as being easy to maintain. It is an excellent type of metal, and we are very confident in using aluminum as our primary resource.

Milling & Bending

When working the aluminum used for our kiosks and digital signage, the production team uses several different types of milling machines to form the needed tracks in the aluminum parts.

The production team also use the bending machine to shape many parts used in our products. A bending machine is a unique tool, and it is used for bending as well as curving of items.

Assembling & Integration

When the different parts are processed, it is time to assemble the unit. This is also the time for integrating the various components such as payment terminals, printers, scanners, webcams, keyboards, and other integrations.

Integrating components inside our kiosks and digital signage is one of Conceptkiosk’s strong suits. We have a variety of components that we suggest to our customers, but we are also able to build customized solutions depending on the customer’s preference. Should you need a specific printer to fit the software, then it is certainly possible.

wiring & Testing

When the assembling and integration phase is done, it is time for wiring and testing. We have an inhouse electrician in our production team. He is responsible for wiring the components correctly and as optimal as possible.

Our electrician is also responsible for user-testing and stress-testing before we ship the units to our customers. We always test our units before sending to make sure that they behave as intended and to make sure that we deliver a safe and sound product.

Meet the team

Lars Jansen

Global Sales Manager

Lars Rosendahl standing in front of kiosks

Lars Rosendahl

CEO & Lead Designer

Laila Rosendahl standing in front of kiosks

Laila Rosendahl


Berit Pedersen


Michael Nielsen standing in front of kiosks

Michael Nielsen


Marius Crisan


Kim Østergård Tagmos


Rene Knudsen


Henriette Peis