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Learn more about our two kiosk product lines
Classic and Newline

What were the thoughts about both the Classic and the Newline product ranges? What are the differences and what product line is the right choice for you and your project?


The Classic units have been our company’s bread and butter for decades. When the Classic units initially were designed, the goal was to create peak functionality enclosed in and extraordinaire finish. We wanted to make products that could stand out from the rest of “the kiosk pack.” We wanted the market to be able to recognize a Conceptkiosk product when they saw it, and they could. The Classic units were made in aluminium, and they had distinct curves to give it an elegant look and feel. Most of our competitors used steel for their products back then, and most of them still do today. Other than the immaculate finish, aluminium is preferable due to its flexibility, strength and durability. It is truly one of the hardiest and resistant metals in the world. 


For the last decade, we have experienced an increased demand for outdoor self-service solutions, especially in the industrial market. Therefore, we have developed a product line that appeals more to industries. We had two essential requirements to an industrial line namely a simple minimalistic, yet elegant design combined with great weather, dust, moist and water resistance for withstanding busy industrial environments as well as dense and frequent traffic. 

To accommodate these requirements, we developed a brand new aluminium profile. The new profile resulted in a product line with a straightforward uniform design where the monitor is one with the surface. The new product line got named “Newline” as it is the modern new line in our assortment. The Newline models are assembled with a minimum number of joints to ensure as effective sealing as possible in environments with small particles such as dust, sawdust, moist, rain and weather conditions in general. Better sealing also results in better and more efficient temperature management within the unit.

And even though the Newline models may have been developed with industries in mind, they are popular in any business. We are making them for industry, the transport business, the public sector, and retail alike. A Newline kiosk will fit into any business – you name it!

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