We want to connect people and companies

Conceptkiosks core competencies are the development of kiosks and digital signage, processing aluminum, and integration of components in the units. Naturally, we have a lot more to offer, but these are the core elements that we excel at.

We rely on our partners, for instance, to develop the right software to the client’s needs. We often see cases where a client has the end-users, but need the right software or have the software, but require specific hardware. Therefore we want to broaden our Partner Network to be able to connect people and companies. We want to supply as many ideal kiosk and digital signage solutions as possible.

Partner benefits

What are some of the benefits of becoming a part of our Partner Network?

Professional and reliable contacts

We only have highly professional and reliable contacts in our Partner Network. You can expect people with ambitions and sense for quality.

Free conceptkiosk marketing material

When becoming a part of our Partner Network, one of the things we do is supplying you with free of charge Conceptkiosk Marketing Material. 

Increased support and sparring

Our partners are dear to us. You can always expect Conceptkiosk to take the time you need from us. We are more than happy to visit you for a meeting.

Become a reseller

Do you want to sell interactive kiosks and digital signage from Conceptkiosk? We will provide customized marketing material with your company’s branding as well as other exclusive benefits. Contact us today to hear more, and let’s match our expectations. All you need to do is to reach out to Lars Jansen:

Or you can fill in the contact form: