Outdoor kiosks & digital signage

Below you will learn more about our wide range of outdoor kiosks and outdoor digital signage, and the benefits and possibilities with our products.


Our selection of designs

All our outdoor touchscreen kiosks and outdoor digital signage are designed as duable weatherproof units with a sleek design. It ranges from freestanding, wall-mounted to car or truck height designs. As one of the innovators, we understand the importance for a selection options. On each outdoor kiosk and outdoor digital signage product page, you can see the customization options of printers, scanners and many more peripherals. If you have a peripheral that is not listed on a products page, we urge you to contact us, as we are specialized in developing new solutions or adapt a product to your requirements. Choose one of the products below and go directly to the respective product page to learn more about the selected product.

What is an outdoor kiosk?

As one of the pioneers in Outdoor kiosks and discovering the solution to black spots during the early stages of outdoor solutions, we have many years of experience and development with building fully weatherproof outdoor kiosks. Our kiosks have been installed in many different geographical locations from Europe, USA and in Qatar to being installed on mountains during winter seasons. Our focus is to build quality outdoor kiosks with a unique modern design, while keeping the opportunity to integrate many different components. And we accomplish that focus. We have supplied fully outdoor payment kiosks, outdoor car rental kiosks, point of information, commercial access gate control systems and many more solutions!

Our most popular outdoor touchscreen kiosk...

FLEXI Outdoor

The FLEXI Outdoor was our very first outdoor kiosk. The design has since then been updated to make it sleeker. The cooling is done by fans and heating by a heater unit. We also have the option to fit it with an A/C instead. We are always ready to guide and recommend the correct setup for your environment.

What is outdoor digital signage?

Man in black coat using outdoor digital signage with touch screen

Outdoor digital signage is a 32″ or higher inch monitor, that displays your content in outdoor environments. Through our development with the fully weatherproof kiosks, we use the experience between the two products to always optimize our solutions for best-practice. Often our outdoor digital signage is used as point-of-information or to display your content to bypassers. The kiosks are often focused more towards integrations, where the signage units are often to supply or offer information. Just like our kiosks, these are widely used throughout the world, from USA, Europe to Qatar. They are either supplied with our airflow system or an A/C unit for very hot geographical locations.

Our most popular outdoor digital signage...

DURA Outdoor

The DURA Mega is a great all around indoor digital signage totem, with many different use cases. It is often used to show advertisements or as a point-of-information. It is both available as non-interactive and interactive by installing a touch foil on the inside of the protection glass.

Our approach to your outdoor project

Whether you are interested in our outdoor kiosks or outdoor digital signage our approach to every project is very similar. Below we have described our flow of projects.

First step - Understanding the solution you need

Our most important piece of a project, is to get a great understanding of the solution you need. During this step, we will be asking questions about your new outdoor kiosks or outdoor digital signage. We will use our expertise and experience during this step, and give you inputs and suggestions to finalize the configuration of the outdoor kiosks or outdoor digital signage.

Second step - Quotation & order confirmation

After the first step, we will calculate a quotation for your specific project. The pricing is always based on earlier experiences, raw material and various supplier's. Afterwards we will send it to you, for confirmation. The quotation will be a list of the specifications to complete your project. When all details are finalized we will send you an official order confirmation.

Third step - Development & production

Once the order confirmation is signed and approved, we will start development and production. If the product requires development, we require all 3D-files of components and will assist you in collecting them. Development is a process of 1-2 weeks once all files and components are received. Once the development step is done, we will present the finished product in 3D and once approved it will be sent into production. The production time of outdoor kiosks or outdoor digital signage is often between 4 to 6 weeks.

Fourth step - Delivery & support

We can deliver anywhere in the world. After installation, we support all our partners ensuring reliable operations of the outdoor touchscreen kiosks and outdoor digital signage units.

Wall mounted outdoor kiosk

FLEXI Outdoor Wall

The FLEXI Outdoor Wall is developed as an alternative to our freestanding unit, which is often used on locations with limited space. One example could be on harbors, where the outdoor wall hanging kiosk is used as a fully weatherproof payment kiosk.

How it's made

Made of aluminum

All of our outdoor touchscreen kiosks and outdoor digital signage is made of aluminum. To fully weatherproof the unit and protect the aluminum of corrosion, we use a powder painting finish. As a customer, you can decide which RAL-code you would like. Our image shows one of the many different colors our kiosks have been decorated with. Our aluminum profiles results in a flexible solution, with many options for integration but also physical dimensions. Our strong 3D-designing capabilities, enables us to integrate a lot of different components, even ones that aren’t listed. Do you have a project and want expert inputs? Then contact us today!

Production facilities

All of our outdoor kiosks and outdoor digital signage is developed & manufactured in Denmark. Our facilities consists of a large building divided into an office, warehouse, production and processing. The raw materials are processed in our CNC and cutting machines in the processing hall, afterwards they are sent to subsupplier’s for surface treatment – powder coating. Once the surface treatment is complete, the parts move into our production hall, where everything is assembled according to specifications. The sole reason our processing and production facilities are separated, is to secure a high quality of your product.

Customized solutions

Below you will find a selection of a few projects we have delivered. Customized units are many things. It can be the first time integrating a new printer to creating completely new designs. In a few projects we have designed the unit, based on a hand drawing (below: Hospital units) and in other projects we design based on specifications (below: DOKK1). The common denominator for all of the customized solutions we have ever created and built, is the close cooperation between us and you.

Some of our customized solutions...

Metzingen Outlet

The Metzingen Outlet was designed in close cooperation with the architects and decision makers of the Outlet. With our experience and their vision, we made a fully customized outdoor unit, that is directly installed in the window panels, which results in a very satisfying and beautiful finish for the outdoor solution, but also what the building deserves.

Kolding commune

The commune of Kolding is one of the larger cities in Denmark, located on the East coast which results in many tourists. The outdoor digital signage solution offers a touch screen for the tourists to interact with and find attractions, hotels and a lot more information just by using the outdoor totem they have installed at the heart of the city.

New York - Empty Sky

The two walls in the background contains all the names of the fallen heroes of 9/11. Our kiosks is simply helping visitors locating a name of one of the heroes, and supplies further information for the visitors. We are very proud to have been chosen, for such a prestigious and fine project filled with a lot of different emotions.


Outdoor kiosks

All of our kiosks from 19″ to 22″ are supplied with quality high brightness monitors from well-known Litemax. The touchscreens are projected capacitive and is from Zytronic as a full glass solution giving the outdoor kiosks a very sleek and beautiful finish. The monitors are plug & play, and every touchscreen is always tested by our staff.

Touch screen kiosk FLEXI Access Gate being used by truck driver
Man in black coat using outdoor digital signage with touch screen

Outdoor digital signage

Depending on the application we have a few solutions for our outdoor digital signage range. For the non-touch units, used for advertising or displaying your information / content, we offer high brightness monitors from LG and DynaScan. If the application requires touch, we can mount a touch foil on the glass. The touch foil is supplied by Displax.


Below is a list of all our options for outdoor kiosks and outdoor digital signage. Be aware that this is a complete list of all our standard options and it may vary for each product. To find a product’s available options, visit the product page – it includes a list of options for the specific product. If you have a component or are curious about a different option, then do not hesitate to contact us.


Do you want to add a message, design or a different color to your kiosk or digital signage? We offer powder painting in all kinds of RAL-codes or adding a printed foil with your design.


We offer 80mm (receipt) and 216mm (A4) high quality printers from Custom with several options. We are also able to integrate label printers and from other brands.


We offer a wide range of scanners with different functions and sizes. We have integrated scanners from Newland, Honeywell, Zebra, and many more.

Card reader

Card readers are great for the user to identify themselves, whether they are guests of an event, a company employee or similar. We are also able to integrate a card printer.

Payment interface

Different countries, regions and laws require different installation procedures of self-service payment kiosks. We are able to accomodate the instructions of your local laws, to supply a fully legal payment kiosk.


Our 65 buttons keyboards with trackballs, are made of high quality components with a high IP-rating. It is available in almost every layout. Just contact us with the layout, options you require or questions.


We have made several different integrations of speakers, and the solution is always tailored to your application.


Often for the outdoor kiosks we supply AXIS cameras built to be durable in outdoor conditions.


If you require your computer to receive a WiFi-signal we recommend an antenna, as the aluminum can reduce the signal of WiFi receivers installed in the kiosk.


Do you need a switch to power several periphals, such as payment devices, printers or similar? Then we have some standard switches we can supply, which we have already made brackets for.

Our wall outdoor digital signage...

DURA Outdoor Wall

The DURA Outdoor Wall is a sleek and elegant wall mounted outdoor digital signage unit. It is available in the sizes of 32″-75″. It is a great signage unit to display your content, whether it is static or interactive. If it is interactive, this unit can easily be fitted with a touch foil, making it an ideal unit for point-of-informations where space is limited or you want great space for pedestrians.

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