interactive Kiosks

Our Kiosk solutions are highly customizable

Are you on the lookout for a highly customizable kiosk solution for your project? You have come to the right place! Our interactive kiosks come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. We build both indoor and outdoor units of the highest quality, but what stands out for our kiosk solutions is the level of customizing and user-friendliness.

The range of our indoor kiosks is extensive, and all units are customizable. We offer free-standing as well as wall-hanging depending on the exact model of choice.

Our indoor kiosk solutions all come with anodized aluminum surface. The anodized surface ensures high durability as well as lowering the maintenance effort spent on the unit. 

Furthermore, anodizing gives the sharp and exclusive finish to the products that we are looking for in conceptkiosks. We can anodize the indoor kiosks in colors to maintain the natural high finish on the aluminum surface. We can also envelop the units in graphic foil as a coloring option. 

We have a good range of outdoor kiosks, and as the indoor models, all outdoor kiosk solutions are customizable. We offer both free-standing and wall-hanging models in our range of outdoor models.

Our outdoor kiosk solutions come with a powder-coated aluminum surface. The coating we use provides absolute protection from corrosion as well as high durability in general. We can powder-coat in a wide variety of colors. 

Coating the surfaces gives a beautiful look to the outdoor kiosks. Should you choose to use a colored coating, you are sure to make your model stand out from the rest of the pack.