Digital Signage

Solutions with durability, reliability and low maintenance in focus

Are you looking for a digital signage solution for your project? We offer sleek and elegant models of varying sizes. No matter if it is indoor or outdoor digital signage you are looking for, we deliver signage solutions of prime quality and reliability.

Our range of indoor digital signage is available with monitors from 32″ and upwards. We can integrate monitors from many different suppliers such as LG and Samsung. 

We offer both free-standing and wall-hanging models in our indoor signage assortment. The indoor units come with an anodized aluminum surface to maintain an exclusive finish as well as ensuring low maintenance and high durability.

We can anodize in different colors to make the unit blend in with the environment where it stands or hangs. Anodized coloring makes excellent sense when you want to keep the natural high finish of the aluminum. 

Our range of outdoor digital signage consists of 2 different models. One of the models is a free-standing unit, and the other one is wall-hanging. 

Each model offers varying sizes going from 32″ and upwards. Like the indoor models, we offer integration of monitors from several different suppliers such as LG and Samsung.

For our outdoor digital signage, we use powder-coating for the surface. We use powder-coating to seal the surface and avoid corrosion. Our coating has a high finish, and we can color in a wide variety of colors. 


Our outdoor and indoor digital signage solutions are very durable, reliable and require a minimum of maintenance. And no matter what kind of digital signage you are looking for, we can help you, since we customize our products to make them fit your concept and needs. Furthermore, we offer different digital signage designs, so they fit into the surrounding environment.


Digital signage is – as the name implies – digital signs on which you can share information both indoor and outdoor, so, in other words it is a form of digital information screens. But the screens are not just static information signs – they are interactive and include digital signage software that makes it possible for the user to use the touch screen to navigate.
Digital signage is often used for pushing information in public areas, but you can use it for different purposes depending on your business.


As mentioned above, the digital information display on our signage systems provides the user with an opportunity to touch the screen and navigate through different information. For example, the products can be used for wayfinding, to give an overview of a specific location, and to retrieve important information. You can also use the digital info display to advertise for news and events.
If you are interested in knowing more about how our products work, and how they can help your business, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.