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What makes Access Control Systems attractive?

An increased interest in security and an increased focus on hygiene has contributed to Conceptkiosk’s engagement in accommodating the need for access control systems. These requirements are forcing companies to raise their security levels. We are supplying robust, well-functioning, and reliable access control solutions to provide our customers and partners with the tools they need to face their challenges.

A typical indoor solution in this context consists of registering by use of card and card reader or password identification on a kiosk with a touch screen.

The conventional outdoor solution is often named gate access control. Gate access control is a combination of an outdoor kiosk and a tollbar. The mixture is optimal for securing the company’s perimeter. Typically the solution consists of registering with id card or by intercom optionally combined with visual identification. Such outdoor solutions are highly cost-efficient. With several entries to the company site, it is possible to optimize registering by use of gate access control units at every one of the company entry points. One of the perks by implementing a solution like this is that the company no longer needs to have employees physically located at one or more entrances. Instead, the company only need one employee to administer all of them. Is your company located in more than one place? Or do you have several departments, each with a unique entry point? Consider installing gate access control solutions at all locations, and manage all registering from one place with a single employee. Centralizing, in this manner, can save a company loads of time, resources, and money. 

There are plenty of possibilities regarding access control systems, and our experience is outstanding with such solutions. Both our indoor and outdoor models are flexible. We can customize precisely to the customers’ demands. Some solutions require a scanner. Some require card readers, and some require a whole other integration. It does not matter if the unit needs to be for monologue or dialogue communication – we will make it match your expectations.