Climate controller

Discover the power of Rosendahl’s Climate Controller for outdoor kiosks.

Our advanced system takes charge of your kiosk’s climate, only using electricity for heating when the temperature drops below 15 degrees and If the temperature rises above 50 degrees inside the kiosk, the fans start up and blow out the heat. This intelligent approach significantly prolongs the life of your kiosk’s vital components.

With the Climate Controller, your outdoor kiosk is always operating at its best, ensuring maximum performance and durability.

About the intelligent climate controller

Rosendahls Controller can control outdoor kiosks so that they run as well as possible in the climate in which they are set up and so that we save as much as possible on electricity.

We can check the climate inside the kiosk and measure the actual weather outside the kiosk at the same time that you can see the weather report from Google on the overview.

We can also see how much humidity there is inside the kiosk.

It can control the brightness of the monitor. The Climate Controller regulates the screen brightness up and down, depending on how strong the sun is shining, so that you can clearly see the screen regardless of the weather conditions.

The controller has a small camera thet can see if the monitor is running (can see if pixels change color) the controller can also via the PVM signal see if the filter is clogged whit dust and needs to be changed.

The controller can also see which fan is not working or several.

The controller also has an alarm so it swiches off if it gets above 50 degrees inside the kiosk, which is a really good safety measure.

All this is done remotely.

What makes climate controller awesome

With Climate controller you save energy consumption compared to other outdoor kiosks that use thermostats to control the temperature inside the kiosk

With the inclusion of our Climate Controller, our outdoor kiosks are equipped for year-round reliability. Whether it’s a frosty winter morning or a hot summer day, the kiosk’s internal temperature remains within the ideal range

Investing in the Climate Controller today means saving on repairs and replacements down the road.

Through innovative technology and smart design, our Climate Controller effectively regulate temperature and ventilation in outdoor kiosks. This exact control minimizes energy waste and allows for tailored settings based on specific weather conditions.

The Climate Controller reduces the need for excessive heating or cooling, ultimately resulting in a noticeable reduction of operating costs.

We combine our expertise within kiosks production with our climate control solutions, resulting in very efficient kiosks.

We strive to have a positive impact
on the environment by providing
sustainable solutions that improve
the user experience while
promoting energy reduction and
environmental stewardship.

Energy consumption is significantly reduced in our outdoor kiosks when they are operational, compared to other outdoor kiosks that rely on thermostats. With our Climate Controller inside the kiosk, everything is intelligently managed, ensuring it only uses electricity when necessary.

Climate controller standard

Rosendahls Controller can control outdoor kiosks so that they run as well as possible in the climate in which they are set up and so that we save as much as possible on electricity.

Main functions

Using a climate controller inside an outdoor kiosk can have numerous benefits. This device effectively regulates the temperature within the kiosk, ensuring it never falls below 15 degrees or exceeds 50 degrees Celsius.

By maintaining this optimal temperature range, the climate controller helps prolong the lifespan of the kiosk’s components.

This not only reduces the frequency of repairs and replacements but also enhances the overall functionality and reliability of the kiosk. Additionally, a controlled environment minimizes the risk of damage caused by extreme temperature fluctuations, which can negatively impact sensitive equipment.

Ultimately, implementing a climate controller in an outdoor kiosk proves to be a wise investment, optimizing operational efficiency and extending the longevity of vital components.

Clima controller standard

Intelligent climate controller

Technology overview

Control, monitoring and data communication via Raspberry Pi.

Control of up to 12 with tacho and PMW signal, up to 3 heaters via 230V AC relay.

Control of display, player and peripherals via separate 230V AC relays.

Temperature sensor for display control, pixel measurement on display for function feedback RS232/USB port for communication and display control.

REED contact for front door status detection.

Real-time clock for controlled switching on and off on the peripherals.

4 LED on circuit for status display, 2 direct selection keys for function test and quick start.

Main functions

We ensure a suitable climate by means of individually controllable fans and heaters.

Permanent monitoring of temperature, humidity, display brightness and ambient light.

Swiching on and off and controlling the technology under conditions outside the specified operating window (e.g. cold start in the morning, lowering the brightness of the display when the defined maximum temperature is exceeded)

Monitoring and communication regarding upcoming services, here you can see what is wrong at home from the computer, so you can bring the right parts to service the kiosk, and not have to drive in vain.

Storage (min. 3 years) of all parameters of display, player, fan, heater, etc.

Data exchange

All operating information is completely stored on the installed SD card. If necessery, the data can simply be read out and analyzed by us.

All operating information is loaded into the FORIS Cloud via LAN.24/7 monitoring of all relevant data. You will receive relevant information regarding the status and pending service interventions1 via your own access. Selected parameters can be changed directly via the FORIS Cloud.

All operational information is avalible to the system operator via RS232 og LAN connection.

The FORIS Live Protocol2 can be seamlessly integrated into your own minitor software. We provide an AP13 with examples.