Access Control Systems

Kiosk based access control systems for safe registration and security

What makes Access Control Systems attractive?

An increased interest in security and an increased focus on hygiene has contributed to Conceptkiosk’s engagement in accommodating the need for access control systems. These requirements are forcing companies to raise their security levels. We are supplying robust, well-functioning, and reliable access control solutions to provide our customers and partners with the tools they need to face their challenges.

A typical indoor solution in this context consists of registering by use of card and card reader or password identification on a kiosk with a touch screen.

The conventional outdoor solution is often named gate access control. Gate access control is a combination of an outdoor kiosk and a tollbar. The mixture is optimal for securing the company’s perimeter. Typically the solution consists of registering with id card or by intercom optionally combined with visual identification. Such outdoor solutions are highly cost-efficient. With several entries to the company site, it is possible to optimize registering by use of gate access control units at every one of the company entry points. One of the perks by implementing a solution like this is that the company no longer needs to have employees physically located at one or more entrances. Instead, the company only need one employee to administer all of them. Is your company located in more than one place? Or do you have several departments, each with a unique entry point? Consider installing gate access control solutions at all locations, and manage all registering from one place with a single employee. Centralizing, in this manner, can save a company loads of time, resources, and money. 

There are plenty of possibilities regarding access control systems, and our experience is outstanding with such solutions. Both our indoor and outdoor models are flexible. We can customize precisely to the customers’ demands. Some solutions require a scanner. Some require card readers, and some require a whole other integration. It does not matter if the unit needs to be for monologue or dialogue communication – we will make it match your expectations.


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Here are a couple of great reasons for implementing access control Systems at your company:


Loads of companies need to monitor and register who and what visits the company and its facilities. By having an access control system, it is possible to enroll customers, partners, or employees already before they step foot inside the company. The monitoring contributes to getting a better overview and more control. A side effect by registering this way is ensuring accommodation regarding fire and evacuation as it is possible to track numbers of entries. Registering can also contribute to reducing mistakes and determine responsibility regarding time-related disputes.


Rules and regulations concerning hygiene and health will continue to get even tighter. This means that companies in the food industry, and the medical and healthcare industry, have to focus more on how they treat hygiene. Foods and medicine, including the processing of the two needs, carefully organized treatment with a high level of caution, for instance, in regards to bacteria. Both the food industry and the medical and healthcare industry includes many different resources, and many parties are involved. Especially concerning manufacturing, many different people are playing a part. 

Only authorized parties should have access to specific regions of the respective companies and sites. In these industries, access control systems are popular solutions. The systems ensure that only the right people are entering the companies and at the correct times. Furthermore, it is possible to direct visitors to the right locations from the access point. This way, visitors won’t step into facilities where they can accidentally infect areas that have to be clean and sterile. Access control systems are not only for registering but can serve many different purposes, such as navigation and guidance post registering.


Another excellent reason for implementing access control systems is due to GDPR. The GDPR requirements result in companies having an immense responsibility for keeping and treating sensitive personal information carefully. Recently companies have been forced to take much more obligation in preventing that trespassers can come in possession of confidential personal data than earlier. This unified with the heavy focus on GDPR legislation makes access control systems more relevant than ever before. Caring for people’s sensitive data and treating it with respect is no longer a service one can provide – it is a necessity and a must. Not complying can be outmost punishable. Since obliging to GDPR laws is concerning people’s safety, it is something that every company should take seriously and treat with respect. Access control systems can play a big part in your companies strategy towards complying with GDPR. By implementing an access control solution, it is possible to limit unauthorized entrance and thereby keep sensitive data safe.


Access control systems are ideal solutions for security. Generally, there has been a decrease in the number of companies experiencing trespassing, theft, and similar security breaches in recent years. We believe that access control systems concurrently with the extended focus on security have had a substantial impact. Trespassers and thieves have significantly more difficult circumstances due to the advancement technology-wise. Conceptkiosk access control systems are already part of many business security strategies, especially in Europe and the United Kingdom. By sealing off company perimeters using gate access control, for instance, by using an interactive kiosk in combination with a tollbar, it is much harder to breach security.

Case Study: Aarhus Olie

A FLEXI Outdoor mounted on a concrete foundation used as a combination of an access control system and a weighbridge. Aarhus Olie was looking for a solution to monitor entries and exits from the premises. Furthermore, they needed to be able to weigh the trucks entering and departing from the site to measure the amount of oil loaded and delivered. The kiosk helps the driver determine the weight of the truck and it lets him identify himself. The solution is saving Aarhus Olie loads of money every year in administration.

Design insight

Access control systems by Conceptkiosk have to honor many different criteria and demands. Therefore many considerations and goals have been implemented to be able to provide a customizable, comprehensive, and compelling solution. 

Flexibility through profiles

To make customization possible, we build our access control systems in a flexible aluminum profile uniquely developed here at Conceptkiosk. When we say flexible, we mean that it is manageable and adjustable, not bendable. The profile makes it possible to do the integration of components as required. Some projects only need a touch screen others might need additional components such as scanners and printers or even more.

Height Variation

The profile also makes it possible to do outdoor solutions in varying heights, whether they are to be used by people, cars or trucks, or even all three. 

Indoor choices

As all of our indoor kiosk solutions are customizable, they are all viable for indoor access control. The visual appearance of indoor access control systems is, therefore, mainly depending on preferences and the project at hand. Some popular choices for indoor access control are our FLEXI Maxi, FLEXI Midi, and FLEXI Tilt models.

Outdoor choices

For outdoor access control solutions, the FLEXI Outdoor and FLEXI Outdoor Access Gate are the models to choose from. The regular FLEXI Outdoor is an ideal outdoor solution for companies when no vehicles are involved. The FLEXI Outdoor is available in two different designs, the Classic and the Newline. Classic has the original Conceptkiosk appearance, whereas the Newline has a minimalistic look. 

The FLEXI Access Gate is a favorite due to the possibility of integrating several touch screens in different heights. Projects often require that cars, vans, and trucks alike can utilize the same unit. The FLEXI Access Gate model comes in the original, simple, and timeless Conceptkiosk Classic design as well as the minimalistic Newline as well. The design ensures that the unit fits into any environment with the need for access control.

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video case study:


Dual-screen FLEXI Access Gate units installed at one of the largest dairy companies in Scandinavia. The units are being used at the entry points of the site to monitor who and what enters and exits the site. The unit lets the truck driver register on screen for automatic opening per appointment. Another option is to call administrators inside the main building through intercom.

A dairy facility requires a completely sterile environment and incredible hygiene levels. These access control systems help the company achieve exactly that.

Suitable industries for access Control Systems

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Security Sector

Transport Sector

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