Touch Screen Kiosk and digital signage solutions

Welcome to Conceptkiosk! We build state of the art reliable and durable touch screen kiosk and digital signage solutions. Make it simple.

Touch screen kiosk FLEXI Access Gate being used by truck driver

interactive Kiosks

The touch screen kiosk for your needs

Our interactive kiosks come in a variety of sizes and appearances. We excel at creating high-quality touch screen kiosk solutions with high reliability.   

The name Conceptkiosk says it all. We build customizable kiosks to fit into a concept – your concept.

Digital Signage

Connect with your target group anywhere

We also supply ideal indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions. These are optimal pushing general information, tourist information or providing wayfinding or advertisement and much more to your target group.

Man in black coat using outdoor digital signage with touch screen

The Company

How do we work at conceptkiosk?

It takes excellent resources, and the right techniques to develop and build interactive touch screen kiosks and digital signage. Therefore we use our more than 25 years of experience in our craftsmanship every day. We do this to make sure that our partners and customers get the touch screen kiosk or digital signage they desire. 

Company Story

How did the journey begin? What were the ideas, and how did we develop till today? Get to know the story about Conceptkiosk.

Our Expertise

We have more than 25 years of experience in Project Management, 3D Designing and building Kiosks and Digital Signage.

Meet the Team

Meet the people you are talking to on the phone and writing with on e-mails and social media. We have a fantastic team to help you out.


Join our partner network

Do you have the software, but need the hardware? Or are you looking for both to supply your clients? Do you want to become a Conceptkiosk Reseller? We always look for ways to connect companies. Our network is for optimal solutions to those in need. Join our partner network today!

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News & Info

Visit our blog

Since we are working with technology, we get many types of questions. These questions are both general and technical. As a result, we have started a blog to try and answer the most common ones. On the blog we will also touch different topics within our craft and expertise. The goal is to provide everyone with a knowledge centre that we all can benefit from.