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Interactive gate solution

Automated gate security

Automated gate security by ANPR registration, RFID or entering a security code when entering the company’s premises. The security gate is also equipped with the function to weigh trucks when entering and exiting.

In Germany a chocolate manufacturer, weigh over 600 trucks daily carrying over 1000 tons of chocolate. All the trucks must be weighed when they enter and exit the company. To obtain a better flow and make the weighing process automatic, they have installed Outdoor kiosks, which the driver can use for self-service weighing. He weighs his truck upon entering and leaving.

The Outdoor kiosk also works as a gate control solution. To enter the company, it requires the driver to have a personalised RFID tag or by entering a 4-digit code into a numerical keypad. Afterwards the driver can enter.

Besides delivering an Outdoor digital gate solution to the manufacturer, they are also using our indoor digital solutions for administrating the employees’ holiday booking.

We are proud to have had the opportunity to deliver so many digital solutions, which improves the customers daily operations.

Company has a full audit trail of who has entered/exited and what the specific driver has collected

600 trucks are weighed daily

Higher safety – entrance requires a code

Intercom integrated to talk with onsite personal