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Anodized Coloring - Gold Frame

Anodized Coloring

Anodized Coloring

Anodized Coloring

Anodized Coloring

We are happy to announce that we are enhancing our assortment with alternative ways of coloring our indoor interactive kiosks and digital signages. We are now going to introduce anodizing in a variety of colors. Anodized coloring gives the products a very distinct finish than powder coating.

How does anodized coloring work?
When you anodize aluminium the pores in the metal open and in this phase, you apply the desired color resulting in the color embedding in the metal becoming a part of its surface.

The result through anodized coloring maintains the light feel and particular detail of the aluminium. Powder coating, however, is applied on top of the surface. This results in a painted or coated look. Powder coating offers a broader selection in terms of applicable colours.

When could you consider anodized coloring?
In our experience, anodized coloring works well when the kiosk or signage fits into a specific theme or design. We often see it in minimalistic environments where the kiosk needs to blend in with the room or building.

It is essential for us to say that one way of coloring is not better than the other; it solely depends on preferences.

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